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Rangitoto Woodcraft

Kauri & Rimu Charcuterie Board

Kauri & Rimu Charcuterie Board

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Transitioning between the rich brown hues of the Rimu through to the golden speckle of the Kauri this board shows both woods at their finest.

The complicated grain of the Kauri (due to it being milled from the submerged stump of the tree) refracts the light in interesting ways and depending on the angle of the viewer. The wood was milled in 1993 from the stump that was left behind from the original felling of the tree during the 1860-1880's heyday of the kauri industry in the far north of New Zealand. 

The accent wood is recycled rimu from the Waikato, itself around 200years old.

It measures 395mm * 250mm * 13mm. It weighs 950grams, and is finished in food-safe, mineral oil, and then a board conditioner of oil and beeswax.

Part of the Donnelly's Crossing series


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