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Rangitoto Woodcraft

Serving platter (set of 3)

Serving platter (set of 3)

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Recycled Rimu is used to create the main face of the platter while Totara and Macrocarpa are employed to add a contrast of colour along the handle and edges. Nail holes in the Rimu hint at the wood's previous life as 4"x2" framing from an old flax mill on the banks of the Waikato.

A hole has been drilled in the end of the handle to allow the platters to be stored by hanging, if desired.

The pink blush of the macrocarpa trim helps with the transition of the dark brown Rimu to the paler tone of the Totara spine. The macrocarpa has an interesting story too. It was once a bar leaner in a cowboy/Western theme restaurant for many years. I bought the slab at auction after the restaurant shut its doors in 2021. 

The square face of the platter has had the corners rounded and measures 225mm*225mm. The Totara handle extends out a further 140mm to be 365 mm long, in total. Each platter weighs 550gms.

Finished in food-safe, mineral oil, and then a board conditioner of oil and beeswax.

Part of The Old Flax Mill Collection

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