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100% Rimu End-grain Butchers Block

100% Rimu End-grain Butchers Block

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The richness of colour and grain that comes from Rimu is on full display in this board. 

Situated on the banks beside the Waikato River near Port Waikato, this recycled timber was originally the 4" by 2" framing of a flax mill, built somewhere between 1895 and 1902 (the exact date has been lost to history). Given the time and location of construction, the wood itself is believed to be at least 80 years older than that.

While the once booming New Zealand flax industry has long since disappeared, the mill remained but, with the ravages of time, the unused structure became progressively more unsound. The initial dream to restore was quickly proven to be unachievable and so the mill has been painstaking dissembled over the last 2 years with as much as possible of the wonderful native timbers used in the build being salvaged for their second life.

You can see the old nail holes have been plugged and these add further character.

Usable on both sides, the board measures 315mm * 240mm * 40mm, weighs 2.4kgs, and can be used both as a cutting surface or as a charcuterie board.

Finished in food-safe, natural mineral oil, and a board conditioner of oil and beeswax.


Part of the Old Flax Mill collection

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